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EPC International

EPC International

Worldwide Sourcing and Process Improvement Services

EPC International Inc. is a US based organization, specializing in Global Sourcing, Cost Reduction, and Process Improvement for small to large manufacturing companies.

Worldwide Sourcing:
Since inception we have assisted American companies gain a competitive advantage by providing qualified, Global and Domestic, sources of supply. Our goal is to meet your specific requirements at the lowest possible total acquisition cost.

All offerings are manufactured by qualified sources that monitor all aspects of the production cycle, to ensure compliance with customer’s acceptance criteria. In addition to finished product, furnished bulk packaged or private labeled goods, EPC specializes in sourcing of custom (to blueprint specifications) components, including difficult to manufacture parts. Third party inspection is also available upon request.

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Send an inquiry or call to discuss your requirements with one of our facilitators. We look forward to hearing from you.