What We Do

EPC International

EPC’s mission is to assist the customer in becoming more competitive in today’s market environment. We achieve this objective by utilizing our various teams that specialize in procurement, value analysis, value engineering, inventory management, logistics, finance, quality and manufacturing.

EPC offers Total Supply Chain Management to its clients by locating qualified sources of supply, procuring parts, assemblies or product, acts as Importer of Record, handles all shipments, warehousing, distribution, transportation and Customs clearance fast and efficiently. EPC is C-TPAT Certified by the Customs Bureau of Protection.

EPC International Inc. tailors purchase terms to meet the client’s customer needs. Letters of Credit, Wire Transfers and Open Account terms can be arranged. Warehousing and consignment programs are also available and can be arranged.

EPC’s technical staff and teams routinely perform the following services:

  • identify cost reduction opportunities
  • value analysis
  • value engineering
  • plan short and long term strategies
  • implement action to effect short and long term savings
  • consolidation of shipments & warehousing
  • evaluate make or buy programs
  • implement outsourcing programs (Domestic and Global)
  • set up and establish trading partnerships
  • facilitate knowledge transfer

EPC  International excels in making the right direct connection between the supplier and client.

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